Ds africaines handbags Maintenance:

Ds Africaines handbags are handmade in France in my sewing space.

The fabrics used were tested upstream to avoid any risk of fading, pilling or tearing.

A black lining in 100% linen for better resistance and let it be said less dirty .

Ds African bags are waterproofed for a period of about 6 months .

Waterproof yes but do not wear it in rainy weather.

I remind you that these handbags are made of fabrics and that we must take care of them.

Each bag is sold with a pouch, I advise you to protect it as much as possible .

The African Ds bags have been worked so as to have a maximum hold and hold .

If you follow the care instructions you can keep your handbag for years without any worries   

Washing machine: Prohibited 

In case of stain: Use a baby wipe by rubbing lightly .

If the task persists: Soap without perfume using a cotton swab ,rub lightly, remove all soap, rinse with a new cotton swab ,then let air dry.